About us


The private club was founded in 1978 by a few squash enthusiastic friends in the Olympic squash in Munich Moosach. Even then, they met once a week to deliver hot matches or just to have fun, the social part was never too short.

After our 'home' squash center had to close the doors after 26 years, we finally landed after 3 moves in the Sports4You.



There has been a lot of coming and going for the past 30 years. Interesting people, exotic people and simple people like you and me ...

Today, our club has almost 40 members. Male and female between about 25-65 years, with the same unbroken passion as then and still all levels are represented.

Our Board Members

Uli Schertl

phone +49 173 9461400

Michael Liedl
phone +49 179 2952618

Axel Schmidt

phone +49 89 70957300