With our website we would like to inform you how easy it is for us as a guest player or member to "squashen"!

How it work's

Every Friday we meet from 6pm in the Sports4You Squash Center. On four booked courts we have the opportunity to play squash as much as we want, or let our forces and opponents allow it or eventually the lights will be extinguished at about 11pm. Then there is enough time to relax in the sauna!
As a reward, there is a Weißbier or a Glaser'l wine (or two or three ...) and with some a fine pizza.


Every year we host an internal tournament and an open tournament (PSC OPEN), meet for the summer party, feast on the Christmas party and look forward to winning the trophy for the best player and the best player at the end of the year.


E-Mail: axel.schmidt@xcal24.com
Tel: +49 89 7095 7300

PSC Moosach co. Sports4YOU
Drygalski Allee 41

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